You can register in PullPosition by clicking the “Sign Up” button on the right of the navigation bar.

Firstly to send a private message to another member of PullPosition you need to be connect with him/her. To do so, you have to purchase one of our premium plans to acquire a limited number of connection requests. 

You can upload a post in your profile Timeline section, or in your the Activity page of PullPosition. To do so, you need to be a registered and a premium member of PullPosition.

Changing your current plan is easy. You just have to log in PullPosition and go to the Purchase Plans. Then you can buy your new purchase plan. Also, if there are days remaining of your current plan, then their charge will be removed from your future plan, if you purchase it.

Following a user is about staying updated by his activity in the News Feed (Dashboard). You cannot message with this user.

Connecting with a user allows you to message with this user.

You can check check your Profile>Membership>Subscriptions. If you have available coupons they will be under the subscriptions table. You need to copy the coupon code and add it the the membership registration form.